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Vodafone Customer Service 0843 455 0106

Vodafone is one of the greatest telecommunication companies located in the U.K. For more than thirty years, the company has been known to offer good mobile services, and so far it has almost 20 million users. Vodafones share prices have given the company a top position in the stock market.

What can Vodafone offer me?

With Vodafone, you are able to communicate through calls and messages and also access the internet. You can also get the following from the company:

• Mobile phones

Vodafone has a large number of mobile phones, whose contracts last as long as 2 years. The company has largely contributed in the latest UK deals for mobile phone networks. It has amazing deals, including free data bundles as well as contracts lasting up to 2 years.

• Convenient tariffs

There are many tariffs offered by Vodafone. You can choose to prepay for your calls or pay monthly. Vodafone also offers you contracts, which could either run for a year or 18 months. Depending on the contract you choose, you get to enjoy special offers such as unlimited internet and free calls.

For the prepay ( Pay as You Talk) mobile users, there are special weekend offers. If you pick the Stop the Clock tariff, you are allowed to make a one-hour long phone call; which will only cost you the amount you pay for a three-minute call. If the tariff you choose has a Free Weekend extra, it means that you can call and send text messages to any telephone network at no cost, as long as you used £ 5 or above throughout the week. In addition to these, there is an extra pack which allows customers to make a number of calls or send a given number of messages at a fixed cost.

• Data roaming

Vodafone offers data roaming for 3G internet users. This allows you to keep using your sim card when you are outside the country.  There are various offers on the same, particularly if you are within Europe. If you subscribe to the inclusive roaming package, you can get unlimited text and picture messages as well as phone calls. Vodafone also gives you a monthly allowance in terms of data bundles, which can be as much as 4GB.

If you subscribe to Vodafone EuroTraveller, you are allowed to call, text and use the internet for only £3 between midnight and noon. Customers using the Vodafone WordTraveller package are allowed to use their messages and calls abroad, if they are on a contract, or if they are Pay monthly subscribers. They are treated as though they are still in the UK. Vodafone Data Traveller users are offered 25MB a day for £5, after which they are charged £3 per MB.

• Students’ package

Students in universities within the UK are offered 10% discounts on mobile phone usage. This applies to those who subscribe to Pay monthly. Students who do not get these discounts should claim them online, or contact Vodafone through 0843 455 0106; any day between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm.

• Vodafone apps

Vodafone has a number of mobile apps which help users access various services easily. With My Vodafone app, customers are able to monitor the amounts they spend on phone. Vodafone Start is meant to guide users and give them news updates. Vodafone Wallet allows you to use your credit and debit cards for contactless payments. 

In case you lose your phone, you can still keep your data secure through Vodafone Protect. It is used to clear or lock lost phones.

Vodafone Call + allows you to add media files while you are on call. With Vodafone Message +, you can create a group chat, which helps you receive all your messages within the same platform. Vodafone Broadband helps you adjust the router settings on your phone. Vodafone Net Perform allows you to monitor the connection speed of your phone. 

What is Sure Signal by Vodafone?

Users can now get better 3G signal with Vodafone Sure Signal. This is a 3G signal which allows you to use up to 8 phones at a go. Sure Signal is ideal for people in rural areas or offices. It allows you to register as many as 32 telephone users. Vodafone Sure Signal is easily installed; all you need to do is plug it in. 

Vodafone’s customer service

Vodafone has a customer service team that is happy to help at any time. Pay monthly and Pay as You Go customers can contact Vodafone customer service through the number 191. You can contact customer service for help with your Sim card, internet connection, problems with your Vodafone handset, Sure Signal or to find out the latest news. For immediate assistance, contact 0843 455 0106. In case you are near a Vodafone store, you can find someone to assist you there. There are many Vodafone outlets throughout the UK.


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