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Sky customer services 0843 455 0069

Sky is one of the top communication companies in the UK. It is known for its broadband and entertainment services. The company currently serves more than 11 million homes in the UK and Ireland. Sky offers these services to businesses as well. They are committed to serving their customers in the best way possible, by offering them fast and uninterrupted internet as well as constant entertainment.

Sky Services

• Digital Television

 Sky digital television includes a number of packages for viewers to choose from. There are channels for sports, comedy, drama and news among many others. With Sky TV, you can get unlimited entertainment by selecting the package with your favourite shows. Other than the channel packages, there are several choices in terms of DVR and set-top box. Sky offers both standard and HD TV. All you have to do is give them a call and let them know what you need them to install for you.

• Broadband Services

Sky offers broadband internet in different packages. Customers can select the most convenient and affordable package and have it installed in their homes as soon as possible. Depending on your needs in terms of speed, you can select 16Mb, 38Mb or 76Mb.  The broadband packages provided include unlimited, fibre unlimited and lite.

With the unlimited package, you are offered unrestricted internet access along with a Sky Hub wireless router. The package comes along with Sky TV, Sky Talk as well as Line Rental, at a monthly fee of £7.50. Additionally, you are offered free services including weekend calls across any UK network, McAfee Internet Security Suite for a year and unlimited Sky’s Cloud WiFi hotspot access. You are allowed to restrict the websites that can be accessed in your home.

 Fibre Unlimited offers unrestricted internet at speeds of 38Mb and 76 Mb. With this package, you can use the internet for different purposes at a go.  At £20, you are offered this internet package along with Line Rental and Sky Talk. Other offers that come along with this package include Sky Hub, online tech support, free services including weekend calls across all UK networks, Sky’s Cloud WiFi access as well as McAfee Internet Security Suite subscription for a year. If you subscribe to this package, you are offered phone service as well.

With Sky Broadband Lite, you get a month-long allowance of 2GB. You also get Sky TV and Talk. Additionally, the service comes with Line Rental, which includes Sky Hub, free weekend calls across UK networks and McAfee Internet Security Suite for three months.

• Sky Video On Demand Services

The company offers video on demand from various entertainment firms worldwide. You can access your favourite TV series, movies, sports as well as channels fast and easy by subscribing to Sky Video on Demand.

• Sky Go Streaming

Sky offers online TV service. Subscribing to Sky Go allows you to watch anything you want online on your phone or PC. You can have a live stream of any show or even play online video games. Sky Go streaming allows you to keep up with those channels which may not be in your TV package. 

• Sky Talk

 Sky talk offers telephone services, which sometimes come with different packages. You can choose the plan you find most convenient and enjoy the various discounts available. Sky talk offers three plans; Weekends, Anytime UK, and Anytime International.

Sky Talk Weekends is offered along with Sky Broadband packages. The service is free for those who use Line Rental, who pay a monthly fee of £15.40. With this service, you can make free weekend calls to landlines in the UK. You are also offered cheap call rates for UK mobile phones and for international calls to landlines.

With Sky Talk Anytime UK, you can make unlimited calls to landlines in the UK, including numbers with 0845 and 0870, on any day. The rates for calls to UK mobile phones are subsidized. Sky Line Rental users have to pay a monthly fee of £5 on top of the £15.40 to subscribe to this service.

Sky Talk Anytime International allows you to make unlimited calls to UK landlines as well as those in 50 other countries, at a monthly fee of £10. You are also required to pay the £15.40 monthly fee for Sky Line Rental.


Sky is determined to offer its subscribers the best services and handle their complaints and questions at any time. The customer service team is always ready to help, whether by sending someone to you or by advising you on how to solve the problem. If you have any issue, call the customer service number and be sure to have it resolved in no time.

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