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Sky Broadband Contact 0843 455 0069

Sky is the chief provider of broadband, communications and home entertainment services in the UK. The company offers its services to more than eleven million households in both the UK and Ireland. Its key areas of business are internet, communication, and content with their target consumers being home and business owners. 

Sky is an excellent broadband internet provider with a fast speed comparable to none other in the UK. It offers a number of subscription packages from which the customer can choose from. This ensures that the needs of different customers are met. The subscriptions also come with additional benefits such as free routers and Broadband Shield.

Sky Broadband Services

The company provides its customers with a wide range of internet service packages. This guarantees that it can cater for a wide variety of customer needs in the market. Sky provides its customers with three internet packages, with speeds of 76Mb, 38Mb, and 16Mb. Every one of them includes free Broadband Shield, wireless routers and access to numerous Wi-Fi hotspots in all regions of the UK. Furthermore, the customer can also get access to Sky content streaming and Sky Talk. The broadband provided include the following:

• Unlimited

Sky Unlimited broadband provides the customer with unrestricted use of the internet. The deal comes along with Sky Hub which is the company’s primary wireless router. When packaged with Sky Talk, Line Rental and TV, the deal come at a cost of £7.50 monthly and comes with the following benefits:

• Free of charge weekend calls to any phone number in the United Kingdom

• One year McAfee Internet Security Suite subscription; free of charge

• Free unlimited access to Cloud Wi-Fi hotspots 

You can only have this broadband package installed if your phone line is BT compatible. If you do not have a BT-compatible phone, you can find out online, whether your home could still be eligible. 

• Fibre Unlimited

This package comes in two plans; 38 and 76 Mb. With Fibre Unlimited, you can do a number of things at the same time. The deal costs £20 and comes with Line Rental and Sky Talk. There is no limit for internet usage and the package also comprises of:

• Free of charge weekend calls in the UK 

• Free Sky wireless router

• Online tech customer support

• Free access to Cloud Wi-Fi hotspots

• One year McAfee Internet Security Suite subscription; free of charge

If you switch to Sky Broadband from a different internet service, you are charged half the price for a period of six months. Users of Fibre Unlimited must have phone service as well. If you do not have phone service, you should contact Sky Broadband.

• Lite

This package is ideal for light internet users. With Sky Broadband Lite, you are given a monthly internet allowance of 2GB. It is free along with Sky Talk, TV and Line Rental. The customers using this plan are granted the following: 

• Free wireless router

• Free weekend calls to all numbers in the United Kingdom 

• Free trial McAfee Internet Security Suite for a period of three months

You are charged £60 to have both Sky Broadband Lite and your desired TV subscription. In case you use more than the stated maximum, Sky sends you a notification letter. However, if this goes on for more than half a year, the company restricts your account from getting an upgrade.

Benefits of Sky Broadband

The company offers the fastest internet speed in the United Kingdom. Moreover, the company’s prices are highly affordable. Therefore, it is the ideal internet service provider for anyone.

Apart from the speed and prices, the installations are done free of charge by the company’s tech team. The installation comes along with Broadband Shield from the company. The Sky Broadband Shield permits the users to alter and create their own internet settings. This way, the users can limit some websites and pick only those that they are interested with.


Sky Broadband provides exceptional internet services in the United Kingdom. It offers remarkable internet packages which customers can choose and have installed as soon as possible. The company is firm on its objective of offering customers with the best services and handling their needs at any time. Sky has an impressive customer support department. The department is always ready to offer help to the subscribers, whether by giving advice on how to tackle a problem or sending someone to handle the problem directly. In case of any questions you can always call the customer service number and they will be at your service.The customer service staff take every complaint seriously and make sure they reach the relevant department.

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