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Orange Customer Service 0843 455 0037

Contact Orange customer services

If you are a client of Orange, you might want to contact customer services for a number of reasons. Some of the most usual include questions about the service features, how to upgrade or downgrade, and general information requests so you can make your choice on what specific service you want to hire, according to what is best for you. You might want to know all info relevant to the services, including prices, MBs and special features included in each package. If you contact Orange customer service, you will be able to get all the information that you need.

You can also call the Orange customer service to complain about problems with the service, the billing, features or any other aspect. There are separated gateways for connecting with customer service if you want to make a complaint, and in this article you will find detailed information on how to do so.

Remember that Orange es an e-mail service provided by EE, which is one of the largest communication companies in the United Kingdom. If you want to access Orange on the Internet, you will have to open the EE website and use your Orange login, which will be provided to you when you hire the service. If you don't have Orange, you can upgrade to it later by contacting the EE customer service. In this website you will find a complete article on how to contact the EE customer service.

If you want to contact Orange customer service directly, your best option is to do it on the phone. That way you will get a direct answer by talking to one of Orange customer services' representative agent. You can contact Orange customer service by phone on this number.

0843 455 0037

Information available online

Calling a phone line is the best and most direct way to get your answers in a short time. However, you might prefer to do a bit of research yourself before picking up the phone. As a matter of fact, the answer you're looking for might be already disclosed on the company's website. Therefore, visiting the Orange main site might get the problem solved for you, especially if you are at a time where it's not convenient or comfortable for you to make a call, in example if you are on the go, waiting at the station or at 3 a.m. in the morning.

If that's the case, the company offers solutions and information on the most requested topics on the website. As a part of EE, Orange has a very active customer community that you can access easily by logging in to the Orange website using your customer password. In the Orange community you will be able to get in contact with other Orange clients in the UK, who might have the answer to your questions because they've had the same problem or enquiry before and it got solved. Also, in the customer community section you will find informative videos, blog articles and FAQs with useful data that might be exactly what you're looking for.

Also, if you have downloaded the free My EE app, which is available for all EE users, you can quickly and easily access important information like your account status, your data consumption and details on you bills due. The EE app works for Orange customers, though the version is a little bit different than the one for T-Mobile users, so please make sure you download the right app.

Submitting a complaint

If you want to complain about your Orange service, you have specific phone numbers you can call. If you call the number displayed on this article, you will also be redirected to a customer service agent who will listen to your complaint and solve it out.

Orange contact numbers for complaint submission are here. Make sure you click on the Orange menu and choose numbers assigned to your specific plan, because they vary from the Pay Monthly service and the Pay As You Go service. 

If you prefer to write to the company detailing your complaint, the website also offers a direct link to a form you can fill with all information relevant and your request. Finally, you have post addresses disclosed if you want to write a letter.

If you call customer services for making a complaint, remember to keep at hand all necessary information so your problem can be solved quickly and easily. Some of this information includes your account data, a complete description of your problem and contat information in case the company needs to get back to you. 

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