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The UK Telecommunication Industry - Vibrant and Competitive

The UK telecommunication industry is a very vibrant and competitive one. There are a number of major players that are competing with each other to get the top ranking. Although BT or British Telecommunication currently holds the top billing, its rivals that include Vodafone, Sky and Liberty Global are trying their best to mount up a challenge. Both Vodafone and Sky are coming up with new services of their own which will provide competition to those offered by BT. All in all, it is a fascinating battle which is set to provide a whole host of options for the British people in the days to come.

Why are Vodafone and Sky Launching New Services

Vodafone and Sky are the two major competitors of BT, the current market leader in the UK telecommunication industry. They are trying their best to wrest control of the industry from the hands of BT by venturing out into new fields that they haven’t explored before. Both of them have felt the need to do this after BT decided to merge with EE, the other major player in the UK telecommunication industry. With both BT and EE now on the same page, Sky and Vodafone now know that if they want to stay alive in the market and remain competitive, they will have to bolster their services. This is the reason why they are coming with new services of their own.

What New Services are being Launched by Sky and Vodafone

Sky and Vodafone have been known for television and mobile network services respectively in the past. Sky has an excellent TV set top box service which is currently providing stiff competition to BT in the Television market. Vodafone, on the other hand, is BT’s main rival in the mobile network market. Now, however, both companies are launching their services in fields that they were not focusing on in the past.

•    Sky’s Mobile Phone Launch

Sky is thinking about venturing into the mobile phone market and has made plans of launching its own mobile device. The idea is to challenge BT in the mobile phone market just like it is doing in the Television market. Sky has partnered with another British telecommunication company O2 for this purpose. The company is hoping that it can use its existing subscriber base to get a head start for its mobile phone sales. With over 12 billion families already using the services offered by Sky, it is being expected that at least one or two in each family would try the mobile phone services offered by the company.
However, the launch of the mobile phones by Sky is a far way off at the moment. It is expected that there will be a slight delay in this and it might not come before spring this year. In the meantime, Sky is has launched Sky Q, it’s new TV set top box which is another reason why its mobile phone launch has been delayed.     

•    Vodafone’s Launch of TV Services

In contrast to Sky, Vodafone is looking forward to launching its very own TV services in the UK in the days to come to provide competition to BT in the Television market. The company’s TV services will be available for its customers in the coming months. Vodafone has promised that it will offer bundled service packages of different varieties to its customers. This is good news for the customers as they will have lots of choices available to them and can pick and choose the package that offers the most value to them. Moreover, it will ensure that BT isn’t the only company offering good TV packages to the British people.   

In addition to launching its TV services, Vodafone is trying to get Ofcam to force BT to allow competitive access to the digital infrastructure that BT manages to all its rivals. BT has been able to stay ahead of everyone else because of its digital infrastructure which no one has any access to. However, with Ofcam set to conduct a review of the digital communications market soon, it is being expected that the competitors of BT in the TV market will finally get the chance to have competitive access to its digital infrastructure. This will level the playing field and provide Sky and Vodafone the chance to compete with BT on a more even scale.

In short, the future of the UK telecommunication industry looks quite bright at the moment. With so many companies rivalling each other for getting the top spot in each telecom field, it can be expected that the customers will be the ultimate beneficiaries in the end. They will have access to the best telecommunication services that will no doubt be offered at competitive rates by each one of these telecom giants.



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