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EE customer service 0843 455 0082

A bit about EE

EE is one of the largest connectivity providers in the United Kingdom, offering a wide range of telecommunication services with ample geographical coverage in the UK and Ireland. Based in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, it offers its services across Britan with over 500 stores where you can buy devices, packages and make questions about their services. You can learn more about the company, their philosophy and their services offered by visitin their website here:

EE is part of the BT group, and offers digital communications both mobile and fixed. You can hire or upgrade their services whether you are a particular or a company. EE works with corporative clients, providing solutions for their digital communication needs. With its extensive high speed and 4G network, it provides coverage to hundreds of thousands of clients across Britain. 

If you want to hire a company that provides wide coverage for your communication needs, EE might just be the perfect choice for you. Since October 2012, EE's 4G network covers a wide portion of the UK, to date being over three-quarters of our surface and almost 100% of customers. EE also offers high speed broadband services accessible to around 80% of the UK population, and ADSL broadband services reaching over 98% of population.

How to contact EE

EE is always trying its best to provide the best service and take heed to all its customers' needs and questions. For that reason, clients as well as the general population have at their disposal a wide range of options for contacting their client support team.

It is quite easy to get in touch with EE, but before you do so you need to know exactly what you're contacting them for, because they have separated channels for different sorts of requests. You can find more information about useful matters and answers to frequently asked questions in their Help section, which provides general information on the moest common subjects. Here you will find quick links for the most requested answers, encompassing all basic services provided by EE. Also, there are instructive videos about the basics of the company and its services, as well as starter guides and information on how to get the app for customers. If you already are a client of EE, you can make questions through this app and get important information that will solve most of your queries.

The My EE app is very userful for quick checks as well as keeping track of your data usage from any of your devices. Some of the features of the app include the possibility to track all your data usage, so you know every time how many MB you have left. You can also buy more MBs or packages if you run out of data by tapping a simple button. You can make detailed reviews of your bill, call by call, and manage your payments in a matter of seconds. It's a very useful app for a few key and basic services all customers would appreciate.

You can also join the EE community, where you will find additional help from customer services as well from other clients, share experiences and reviews and make the most out of the product you've purchased. Also, the Help section provides access to an active blog where the pros in the sector tell you the latest news about mobile devices and services, company data and all sorts of useful information.

If you want to contact the customer service team directly, either because you haven't found what you're looking for in these automated sections, or because you would like to talk to a real human being and discuss your questions or problems, then you can call the following number and you will be directed to a customer service operator right away.

0843 455 0082

How to complain

If you want to submit a complaint to the company, you have many ways to do so. You can call the number above, or you can choose any or the other ways to complain that the company offers, even thought they might not be as quick or effective.

On their website you will see a list of contact methods and information, as well as minimum information required for a successful submission. You can fill out their form, call their helplines or write to their offices' post address. Even if it's not explicitly depicted in their website, you can also use their branch finder to find the closest branch to your home and drop by to make a face-to-face complaint.

EE has a great record of customer services, so if you have something to complain about you are very likely to find a solution.

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