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Carphone Warehouse Customer Service 0843 455 0149

Do you want to know more about the best handsets or most affordable network tariffs? Are you thinking of purchasing a new tablet, phone or changing your network service provider? Would you like to get a personalized deal on your telecommunications plan? Do you like the convenience of online shopping and the assurance of getting the perfect deal? Do you have any questions regarding your existing telecommunications plan? Well, you can now call the Carphone Warehouse Customer Service on 0843 455 0149

Want a direct line to Carphone Warehouse Customer service? The number to call is 0000. Here is a simple chat on our open times.

Carphone Warehouse Customer Service Open Hours

             Mon – Fri        8.00am – 10.00pm
  Sat – Sun    8.00am – 8.00pm
  Holidays   8.00am – 5.00pm
Carphone Warehouse Customer Service Number

0843 455 0149

Who Exactly Is Carphone Warehouse?

Founded in 1989, Carphone Warehouse is now part of the largest, independent online telecommunications retailer in Europe. This company compares the widest range of network tariffs and handsets to help clients find deals that best suit their preferences. The products and services are both customized to each customer based on their specifications. This is made possible through two tools; the Help Me Choose online and the Pin Point Store.

We are dedicated to providing unbeatable service in everything we do. We compare telecommunications solutions in the industry today in an effort to get the best that suits you. Our main purpose is to keep our clients happy. We compare the solutions so that you can save!

Why Call the Carphone Warehouse Customer Service?

If you have any query concerning any of our services, you are welcome to call Carphone Warehouse Customer Service number on 0843 455 0149. You can also check out the official website and browse through the FAQs page for more insights. You can call the customer service if you have a query on any of the following issues.

• You want to get a network tariff that works for you

• You want to get the perfect handset

• You are looking for a suitable business communication solution

• You want to know your communication requirements and build an online tariff

• You want to keep the telecommunication bills manageable

• You want to know how to get the best network coverage for your business

• You want to enquire on a warranty for replacement services

• You want to know how to do a straight, efficient swap

The Dixon Carphone Customer Service

Does it affect you as the customer in any way? Well, Dixon Carphone offers you a simplified guide to electricals, mobiles and technology as a whole. If you want any information on any of those fields, call Carphone Warehouse Customer Service Number 0843 455 0149 today to get expert advice on mobile connections, technology accessibility and all the efficient networks available for home, office and on-the-go uses.

Do you want to work with a company with a greater reach, scale and ability to give you access to the latest technology? Call Carphone Warehouse Customer Service today to get in touch with our representatives in the wide network of stores across the UK. Call us today to get info on the store nearest to you.

Did you know that the merger does not affect your contract in any way? Yes, it doesn’t. Therefore, if you find anything unusual with the services, it is best to call Carphone Warehouse Customer Service on 0843 455 0149 to get it sorted out. In most cases, a simple call will help sort out a myriad of issues with your contract or services.

Do You Have an Urgent Issue?

There will be times when you will need immediate action, and an email or letter just won’t suffice. This is the time to call the Carphone Warehouse direct Customer Service number on 0000 or visit the nearest store to get your issue addressed. Some of these urgent issues may include problems with your handset, issues with your network coverage, or maybe you have noted that you would like to change to a more suited tariff. 

When you need assistance in any of these issues, any customer care representative can sort you out with requiring you to look for the manager’s number. This is because all representatives are adequately trained to handle most of the issues that are associated with our services anywhere in the UK.

The Carphone Warehouse Customer Service Number

Carphone Warehouse core business is to help you make the perfect choice of communication solution for our business. We give you the widest choices of networks and mobiles/land lines, cloud computing, and a range of communications packages from which to choose. If you are thinking of tracking your bills, talk to us on Carphone Warehouse Customer Service Number 0843 455 0149. We got your back!



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