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BT contact number 0843 455 0125

BT is one of the best communication service providers worldwide. The company is committed to making every customer’s communication experience smooth. It offers its services to over 170 countries around the globe. The services offered include phone, IT networks, TV, and broadband. Due to the many years that BT has been in the business, the company has managed to gain a large population of customers and has had the chance to learn what they need and offer it to them. 

BT Services

• Broadband

BT Broadband comes in different packages, which allow subscribers to choose the most convenient one for them. The packages include BT unlimited, Infinity and Infinity 2. They have different cloud storage, speeds, and online security. You can contact BT to find out which package would be best for you. Additionally, the broadband services offered are in different types.

With ADSL broadband, you can access the internet at a speed of up to 17 Mbps. This is the standard broadband, which is transmitted through telephone cables. This package would be convenient for those close to a telephone exchange; since the speed reduces the farther you are.

Fibre optic broadband can be offered in either 38Mbps or 76Mbps. These are offered in infinity packages.  Users of fibre optic broadband do not have to worry about inconsistent speeds since the transmission cables do not rely on distance to work. 

Users of BT broadband also get some benefits, which are offered through the following services:


o BT Mobile

o BT Sports

o Sky Sports


BT TV has a number of packages with a set of channels and programmes. Some of the packages require you to have Fibre Broadband. You can select a set top box with the number of channels you want, whether 80, 110 or 141. With the 141-channel package, you can enjoy some of them in HD. All the boxes allow you to pause or rewind whenever you want. Additionally, if you are looking for a set top box which allows you to make recordings, BT TV should be your choice. With BT TV, you can also subscribe to a phone and broadband package.

• BT Landline

This service has different packages which allow you to make calls at affordable prices, based on your schedule. You can get unlimited calls for the period which you find most favourable. The unlimited call plans include weekend, evening and weekend as well as anytime. 

The unlimited weekend calls plan is offered as a year-long contract, with no charge. However, you are charged a line rental fee of £18.99 per month along with connection expenses.

The unlimited evening and weekend calls include a 12-month contract at £3.80 per month. The monthly line rental fee of £18.99 is also charged. The payment may also include connection charges.

The unlimited anytime calls plan is also a 12-month contract and the monthly pay is £8.99. This plan also includes the monthly £18.99 line rental fee, as well as connection charges.

• BT Mobile

This service comes with several benefits. If you subscribe to 4G internet on BT Mobile, you get to enjoy fast browsing and streaming. This is offered to those around 4G areas, which cover a large part (73%) of the UK. There are 2G and 3G options for those who cannot access 4G. These internet plans also come with unlimited BT WiFi, which is free of charge. There are numerous BT WiFi hotspots, hence you can locate the nearest one online. 

BT Mobile also comes with additional benefits which help you control your phone. They include:

o Roaming cost control

o BT Mobile App

o Spend caps

o Parental control

• BT Sports

Anyone who enjoys watching sports would be happy to be a BT subscriber. BT Sports gives you the chance to stream any sports channel you want and watch your favourite matches live.


BT has for a very long time been among the most successful companies in the communication industry as a result of their concern for customers. This company provides services that favour customers, by helping them access all the entertainment they need and communicate as much as they want at affordable prices. Every once in a while, the company gives offers and discounts; some which last for a considerable amount of time. This way, customers are able to enjoy the different packages they choose while paying less.

BT customer service is available at any time. Whatever problem you may have with any BT product, you should call customer service and be sure to have it fixed as soon as they can. Additionally, if you wish to make a complaint, feel free to call. The customer service team is happy to listen to the complaints and take the necessary steps to handle them.  

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