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Siemens Comms is an online business directory and telecoms site for the United Kingdom. We offer a complete list of main businesses and organizations from all the UK as well as a growing directory for medium and small companies. You can access our full list of businesses as well as the complete description and information on each one of them by simply contacting us for a yearly subscription. Also, you can access our free sample list of businesses any time in this website. 



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Siemens Comms is a telecoms site which offers phone numbers of companies and organizations of all sizes. It can be difficult sometimes to find this information, because not all businesses disclose their contact numbers on their sites. Also, some of them only reveal automated lines where all you get is pre-recorded messages and robotic answers. We make sure we provide working numbers where you can call actual departments of these companies, where a human being will pick up the phone and listen to your claims or questions.

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We aren’t just another standard directory with long lists of numbers and nothing else. We actually do our research and provide information on the companies or organizations that you are trying to contact. Even if you don’t need a telephone number, you can read about those businesses here, find about their history and their scope, and learn interesting details about them. Siemens Comms is a very complete site where you can find out more about these companies and even find out which one may provide the solution to your problem in the first place.


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If you own a company or organization and want to see it listed here, then contact us on our telephone number +44 1632 960439 or write us an e-mail with the contact form you’ll find in the Contact Us section of our website. We will send you the application form that you will have to fill out and submit. We will require from you all contact information on your business as well as general information, location and area. You can submit pictures of your products or stores if you want. We will review your case in the following days and write back to you, letting you know whether or not your business qualifies for our listings. If you do, we will further inform you on your listing options, including golden membership, special advertisement options and listing regimes.

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By listing your business on a directory you can inform more people of your services or products, so it’s a low cost and cost-effective advertisement tool. Listing your business on a prominent directory such as Siemens Comms increases the credibility of your company.
People like companies that are accessible and open to their public, so by listing it here you will increase the popularity of your company among your audience. Links and mentions to your company in good ranking sites like ours is good for your company’s website’s SEO.


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We are constantly working to update and check our database.

Allison James

"Siemens Comms is a great website. I have bookmarked it as my first choice directory. It’s so handy and practical that it’s a delight to use. Siemens Comms did save me a couple times when I couldn’t find a number anywhere else."

Michael Watson

"Siemens Comms is very useful. It has helped me more than once when I couldn’t find a number. I solved quite a few issues thanks to the information that I found there. It’s a very good tool for me."

Robert Coleman

"It was great to list our business at Siemens Comms. It actually had an impact much greater than we thought. We were a bit skeptical about online directories, but this is the one that made us change our mind."

We are constantly working to update and check our database.